StarChem® TOD 60

Corrosion is an unfortunate reality in nature and has a costly effect on industrial equipment. Dissolved acid gases and biological deposits can cause severe corrosion to occur in industrial water handling systems. Corrosion by-products such as iron sulfide, iron oxides, and biological mass can cause many process inefficiencies. The StarChem family of companies continues to develop chemical solution to reduce and eliminate the impact corrosion has on our customers’ investments.
Product Attributes
  • Corrosion Preventive
  • Emulsifier
  • Wetting Agent
  • Scale Preventive

Oil Field Applications

  • Drilling
  • Production
  • Stimulation
  • Transportation
  • EOR


  • Formulated with inorganic and organic acids to form water soluble salts for use as corrosion control, emulsifiers, wetting agents, or scale preventatives
  • Used to formulate surfactants or corrosion preventatives in all many types of systems
  • Can be used in concentrated or diluted form for application (10% to 40% in formulations depending on the application)

Product Information

Chemical Description
TOFA Imidazoline

CAS Number


Typical Physical Properties

Dark Amber Liquid

Tertiary Amine Value (meq/g)

1.5 – 2.0

% Activity (ring closure)


10% pH (in IPA)

10 to 11

% Solids

98% to 100%

Other Information

Standard Packaging

440 lb (200 KG) drums / 2200 lb (1000 KG) tote

International Inventories

USA (TSCA), Canada (DSL), Europe (EINICS), Korea (ESL), Japan (ENCS), Australia (AICS), Philippines (PICCS), China (IECSC), and New Zealand (NZloC)

Storage Conditions

StarChem™ TOD 60 has a shelf life of at least twelve months from the date of delivery; if stored in original, unopened containers at temperatures not exceeding 40°C. Continued storage beyond the designated shelf life does not necessarily mean the material cannot be used. However, renewed testing of the most important properties is imperative.