Chemical Intermediates

StarChem LLC has been producing specialty chemicals for over 50 years. In that time we have developed production technologies for a variety of chemistries and formulated products. These products can be used in a variety of markets and applications. Please see our list of unique products and technologies for your chemical solutions.


ApplicationsStarChem Chemistries
Formaldehyde ScavengerFormaldehyde Scavenger
Phase Transfer CatalystPhase Transfer Catalyst
Polymer AdditivePolymer Additive
Odor ControlQuats and Zeolite dispersions
Product Offerings
ChemistriesStarChem ProductChemical NamePhysical StateActivity %pHSpecial Properties
Quanternary Amines (Quats)StarQuat™ BAP 75Benzyl Alkyl-Pyridine QuatLiquid707-9Oil soluble corrosion inhibitor used in formulated products.
StarQuat™ BTMAC 60Benzyltrimethylammonium ChlorideLiquid606-8Clay and shale stabilization
StarQuat™ CETAC 30cetyl trimethyl ammonium chlorideLiquid306-8Cationic emulsifier used as a conditioner in, hair styling aids, creams and lotions to provide conditioning and softening
StarQuat™ ESL ConcBenzyltriethylammonium ChlorideLiquid606-8Cationic surface active compound that improves degreasing efficiency
ADBAC QuatsStarQuat™ LBAC 80C12-14alkyl-benzylammonium ChlorideLiquid856-8Efficient water soluble cationic. Solvent is isopropanol and water
StarQuat™ LBAC 80 ET0HC12-14alkyl-benzylammonium ChlorideLiquid856-8Efficient water soluble cationic surfactant. Solvent is ethanol and water
StarQuat™ T-85C12-14alkyl-benzylammonium ChlorideLiquid816-8Efficient water soluble cationic surfactant
StarQuat™ T-80C12-14alkyl-benzylammonium ChlorideLiquid816-8Water free cationic surfacant
StarQuat™ T-50C12-14alkyl-benzylammonium ChlorideLiquid506-8Efficient water soluble cationic surfactant
Other Chemistries
StarChem ProductChemical NamePhysical StateActivity %pHSpecial Properties
StarChem® EU 40Ethylene UreaLiquid405-8Formaldehyde scavenger and polymer additive
StarChem® EU50Ethylene UreaLiquid475-8Formaldehyde scavenger. Purified for specialty applications; Pharma, coatings, and polymers