Flame Retardants

Application Guide
Specific Product Information
StarTex™ FR 908: A thermosetting urea/thiourea formaldehyde resin type flame retardant producing a soft to moderate firm hand, specifically recommended for use on 100% nylon fabric. The finish is applied by padding and requires a normal resin cure to insure proper durability
StarTex™ FR DSH: A blend of inorganic flame retardant salts which produce a dry hand and is markedly less hydroscopic than most other flame retardant salts. It is recommended as a general purpose flame retardant effective on a wide range of fibers including cellulosics, synthetics and blends.
StarTex™ FR PE Conc: Recommended for use on 100% Polyester, applying the finish by padding, followed by drying and high temperature heat setting at 360 -380 degrees F. to insure proper fixation of the finish into the fiber to obtain best durability results. StarTexTM FR PE Conc. leaves the fabric with a soft hand, and minimum shade change, but can cause a greasy hand if high application levels are used.
StarTex™ FR STS: An effective low cost flame retardant for on cotton, Rayon and polyester/cotton fabrics. It produces a dry hand, but at high use levels it can cause stiffness.
StarTex™ FR WRB: Recommended for use on 100% cotton or poly cotton blends of natual, whites, or light pastel shades. It is also good for specific water repellent finishes; allowing a one step flame retardant /water repellent application.
StarTex™ Resin CNX: A Thermosetting urea/thio-urea formaldehyde resin type flame retardants, which produces an extremely stiff hand, specifically recommended for use on 100% nylon netting type fabric. Both finishes are applied by padding and require a normal resin cure to obtain durability and proper hand.
Features & Benefits
  • Uniquely designed for unsurpassed flame retardancy
  • StarChem F/R products pass most of the common flame retardant tests
  • All products are California Registered
  • Durable to repeated launderings and dry cleanings
  • Compatible with most fluorochemicals
  • Full, Resilient Hand Properties
Recommended Storage Conditions
StarChem™ Flame Retardants have a shelf life of at least three to twelve months from the date of delivery; if stored in original, unopened containers at temperatures not exceeding 30°C (86°F). Continued storage beyond the designated shelf life does not necessarily mean the material cannot be used. However, renewed testing of the most important properties is imperative.