StarChem® EU-50

Product Description

N,N Ethyleneurea


StarChem™ EU 50 solution is an organic intermediate used in various chemical industries. It was originally used for the production of dimethylol ethylene urea thermosetting resins in textiles and paper. It is also used as a scavenging agent to reduce the free formaldehyde in phenolic, melamine, glyoxal, and urea-formaldehyde resin systems for the coatings, construction, and textile industries.


Ethylene Urea (2-imidazolidone) can be used in a variety of new antibiotic intermediates such as mezlocillin acid and azlocillin acid. It also can be used as an intermediate in anti-schistosomiasis drugs and as a basic material for third-generation penicillin.



Molecular Weight


CAS Number


Typical Properties

Clear Liquid
Color (APHA)
150 max
Free Amine
250 ppm max
pH (neat)
4.5 – 5.5
% Solids
40 – 45


StarChem™ EU-50 can be very effective at scavenging formaldehyde in various resin systems. Reduction of 75% can be achieved depending on application conditions and the resin system properties. We recommend using 2-5% of StarChem™ EU-50 in most applications. The exact amount needed would depend on many variables, but laboratory experimentation should be performed to establish optimized dosage.


StarChem™ EU-50 has a shelf life of at least twelve months from the date of delivery; if stored in original, unopened containers at temperatures not exceeding 30°C (86°F). Continued storage beyond the designated shelf life does not necessarily mean the material cannot be used. However, renewed testing of the most important properties is imperative.