StarLube™ HD 35

High Density Polyethylene Softener

Product Description

StarLube™ HD 35 is a softener used to improve fabric strength and abrasion resistance. It gives a smooth soft hand to resin-finished fabrics. The product is very durable to laundering.
Special Properties
  • Excellent compatibility with all textile finishes
  • Improves abrasion
  • Increases tear strength
  • Non-chlorine retentive, non-yellowing
  • Excellent laundering durability
  • Highly efficient and economical
  • Improves sewability
How to Dissolve
StarLube™ HD 35 is easily mixed with cold water.
How Much to Use
Generally, 1–3% owb of StarLube™ HD 35 should be used—depending on type of fabric and other requirements.


StarLube™ HD 35 should preferably be applied on padding equipment and can either be used by itself or in combination with resin finishes.

StarLube™ HD 35 is suitable on all natural and synthetic fibers and mixtures.


StarLube™ 5442 has excellent storage stability. It is resistant to scorching at high temperatures.

Typical Physical Properties

Translucent Emulsion



Specific Gravity


pH (100%)

9.0 – 10.5


Less than 300 cps

Solubility in Water