StarPel™ 330R

Nonionic Reactive Fluorochemical Extender

Product Description

StarPel™ 330R demonstrates considerably improved performance and excellent compatibility when used as an extender for fluorochemical products, with the added advantage of being non-smoking in nature. This product emits 0.0 lbs/gal VOC by Method #24 testing. StarPel™ 330R has been approved by the Department of the Army for use on chemical protective fabrics. It has been added to the approved list of Water Repellent Treatments for Cloth, Camouflage Pattern, Woodland, Cotton and Nylon, MIL-C44034, Class IA.
Special Properties
  • Quartermaster-approved for application on chemical protective fabrics
  • Self cross-linking, low foaming
  • Extremely efficient fluorochemical extender
  • Non-smoking, thereby being ecologically advantageous
  • Excellent stability and running properties
  • Easy to handle—dispersible in room temperature water

Typical Physical Properties *





Specific Gravity


pH (100%)

2.5 – 3.5




100 cps max

% Solids (Halogen)

24.5 – 25.5



Shelf Life

6 months

* These items are provided as general information only. They are approximate values and are not considered part of the product specifications.


StarPel™ 330R is compatible with most available fluorochemical products and, in a majority of cases, considerably improves their performance. Fluorochemical concentrations may be reduced with the use of StarPel™ 330R as an extender, resulting in more economical finishes.

When used with fluorochemical products, StarPel™ 330R has shown excellent dynamic absorption properties. Whether the product is used with or without resin finishing systems, no additional catalyst is necessary to obtain optimum results. For starting formulations, contact the supplier. Compatibility and shelf life stability testing must be completed when blending StarPel 330R with a fluorocarbon in concentrated form.


DO NOT FREEZE. If exposed to temperatures below 32°F (0°C) for long periods, StarPel™ 330R may freeze. If this occurs, thaw at room temperature and mix well before using.

Under certain storage conditions, the surface of StarPel™ 330R can dry out and form a “crust”. Should this happen, remove the crust before use.