StarQuat™ T-8015

Product Description

Common Name
Alkyldimethylbenzylammonium Chloride
Alkyl Distribution

C10 (and lower)

Less than 3%

C12 (lauryl)

65% to 75%

C14 (myristyl)

20% to 30%

C16 (and higher)

Less than 10%
StarQuat™ T-8015 is often applied as a cationic surface-active agent in industrial cleaning formulations. It can also be used as a phase transfer agent when conducting heterogeneous reactions where reagents are located in separate phases. Other suggested uses include; corrosion inhibitors in oil and gas production, lithographic inks, anti-stat for polystyrene, textile dyeing auxiliary, surface treatment for organo-modified clays, zeolites, and amorphous silica.

Typical Physical Properties

Clear Liquid

Color (Gardner)

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Specific Gravity

Less than 0.97

Refractive Index




Amine Hydrochloride Content

Less than 1.5%

Free Amine

Less than 0.5%

pH (5% aq)



Storage & Shipping

Recommended Storage Temperatures

Between 5°C and 45°C

Shipping Status

Chemical Registration Numbers

CAS Number

68424-85-1 (alt 68391-01-5) *

TSCA Status


DSL Status


* Alternative CAS #’s

801501-54-5, 63449-21-2, 139-07-01 & 139-08-02