StarSil™ EAS 15

Amino Functional Silicone Fluid

Product Description

StarSil™ EAS 15 is an amino functional silicone softener, which when emulsified will develop a smooth elastomeric finish on cotton, cotton/polyester or polyester fabrics. StarSil™ EAS 15 is particularly applicable to fabric which will be compressively shrunk such as shirtings, especially pin point oxford. Emulsions of StarSil™ EAS 15 are exceptionally stable and are compatible with all products typically used in textile finishing
Emulsions of StarSil™ EAS 15 may be added directly to the finishing bath. They may be applied as a pure finish or may be co-applied with resins or softeners. Typical application level is 1–3% owb. Try to avoid over-drying when applying to terry towel.

Typical Physical Properties *


Water white, slightly hazy


Less than 5,000 cps

% Volatiles

Less than 10%

Amine value

7.4 – 9.7 mgKOH/g
* These items are provided as general information only. They are approximate values and are not considered part of the product specifications.
Special Properties
  • Smooth, soft handle
  • Elastomeric


StarSil™ EAS 15 may be stored for six months at 6090°F (1632°C).

Emulsification Procedure
  1. Water 1: 54%
  2. Acetic Acid: 0.15%
  3. Sodium chloride: 0.05%
  4. TDA 6: 12.5%
  5. StarsilTM EAS 15: 25%
  6. Water 2: 8.35%
  7. Preservative: 0.1%

Charge 1-4. Mix until uniform and begin heating to 55 C. Charge 5. Mix until clear. Charge water 2 and preservative.