StarSurf™ CAPOx

Product Description
StarSurf™ CAPOx is an amphoteric surfactant derived from coconut oil and is used in a variety of applications.
Product Attributes
  • Antistatic agent
  • Foamer or foam booster
  • Viscosity builder
  • Compatible with cationic, anionic, and nonionic surfactants
  • Can be used as a primary or secondary emulsifier
Product Applications
  • Personal Care: Shampoos, conditioners, shower gels, baby products, and bubble baths
  • HI&I: Hard surface cleaners, liquid detergents
  • Oil Field: Foamer and emulsifier for drilling, cementing, completion, stimulation, fracturing, and production
Product Information


CAS Number
68424-85-1 (alt 68391-01-5) *
Chemical Name

Cocamidopropyl Amine Oxide


Typical Properties


Clear Liquid

Color (APHA)

Light Yellow

pH (10% in water)

6.5 to 8.0

% Betaine

29 to 31

% Solids

34 to 36

Other Information

Standard Packaging

440 lb (200 KG) drums / 2200 lb (1000 KG) tote

Listed International Inventories

USA (TSCA), Canada (DSL), Europe (EINICS), Korea (ESL), Japan (ENCS), Australia (AICS), Philippines (PICCS), China (IECSC), and New Zealand (NZloC)
StarSurf™ CAPOx is biodegradable.


StarSurf™ CAPOx is considered non-toxic.
Storage Conditions
StarSurf™ CAPOx has a shelf life of at least twelve months from the date of delivery; if stored in original, unopened containers at temperatures not exceeding 40°C. Continued storage beyond the designated shelf life does not necessarily mean the material cannot be used. However, renewed testing of the most important properties is imperative.