StarSurf™ DA Conc

Biodegradable, low-foaming scouring and wetting agent for jet scouring and dyeing of natural and synthetic fibers

Product Description
StarSurf™ DA Conc is a nonionic, biodegradable, all-purpose wetting and scouring agent specially developed for high turbulence systems, such as jet dyeing machines, where foam is undesirable. In addition, StarSurf™ DA Conc possesses excellent rewetting properties. Among its attributes, StarSurf™ DA Conc effectively scours natural and synthetic substrates in both neutral and alkaline processing media.

Physical Properties

Alkoxylated alcohol blend



pH (10%)



Clear, colorless liquid
Product Description

StarSurf DA Conc has effectively demonstrated through extensive trials that little or no foam is generated when subjected to high turbulence conditions at temperatures above 100°F (40°C).

It is suggested that the following application levels be employed with StarSurf DA Conc :

  • Scouring in neutral medium: 0.5–1.0% owg; run 30 minutes at 160°F (70°C) followed by cold rinsing and drying.
  • Scouring in alkaline medium: 0.5–1.0% owg, pH to 9–10 adjusted preferably with soda ash; run 30 minutes at 120–160°F (50–70°C) followed by cold rinsing and drying.
  • One-bath scouring/dyeing of polyester or acrylic fibers and acrylic cellulosic blends: 0.5–1.0% owg.
  • Wetting for exhaust and continuous systems: 0.5–1.0 g/l.
  • Rewetting: 0.5–2.0 g/l.
If exposed to temperatures below 32° (0°C) for long periods, StarSurf™ DA Conc may freeze. If this occurs, thaw at room temperature and mix well before using.