StarSoft™ HL-10

General Purpose Cationic Softener

Product Description

StarSoft™ HL-10 is a cationic softener that gives superior performance on cotton and poly/cotton blends. StarSoft™ HL-10 imparts a soft, lofty, luxurious hand that enhances fabric strength, appearance and handle. This softener product does not adversely affect the shade, lightfastness or crockfastness of dyed or printed fabrics. It is compatible with most cationic and nonionic products normally used in textile wet processing.

Product Attributes

• Imparts a nice soft and silky hand
• May be applied by padding or exhaustion
• Improves sewability
• Especially suitable for cotton and poly/cotton blends
• Non-yellowing
KEEP FROM FREEZING. If exposed to temperatures below 32°F (0°C) for long periods, StarSoft™ HL-10 may thicken.
Premix one (1) part StarSoft™ HL-10 to two (1) parts water before adding to bath. StarSoft™ HL-10 may be added directly to a cold or warm bath.

Home of Industrial Laundry

StarSoft™ HL-10 is a concentrated, commercial-grade fabric softener for use in commercial, institutional and household washing machines. This product improves fabric softness and comfort, acts as an anti-static agent and reduces fabric cling. SOFT leaves fabrics with a fresh, clean scent.
Pad Application
StarSoft™ HL-10 may be used with most auxiliaries found in a normal finish bath. The use of 1.0–4.0% owb will yield a soft, silky hand.

Typical Physical Properties


Thin Liquid



Specific Gravity




pH (5%)

2.0 – 4.0




<500 cps

% Active Solids

10.0 – 11.0


Dispersible in water

Flash Point

200°F (93°C)