Textiles & Nonwovens

StarChem is a leading chemical manufacturer for the global textile market. Our main manufacturing site has been producing textile auxiliaries in Wellford, SC for over 50 years. With a facility in Choloma, Honduras, we can provide local technical service, sales, and marketing support in North and Central America. We continue to develop products and technologies for nearly all textile applications; preparation, dying, finishing, printing, and nonwovens. Our textile applications laboratory can provide the best solution for your textile chemical needs. Contact us today!

Application in TextilesStarChem Chemistries
Pretreatment AuxiliariesBuffers, Alkali, Scours, Wetters, and cleaners
Softeners and LotionsOrganosiloxanes, fatty quatemary ammonium compounds(Quats), and fatty esters
Wetters and FoamersDioctysulfosuccinates, amine oxides, nonionic surfactant blends
Hydrophilics/Wicking AgentsOrganosiloxanes, fatty quats, and polyesters
RepellentsFluorocarbons, waxes, and siloxanes
Composite Additives and LubricantsPolypropylene emulsions, polyethlene emulsions, wax dispersions, siloxanes, and ethylene urea
Durable Press Reins / Crosslinkers for bindersDimethyloldi hydroxyethylene urea, melamine formaldehyde, and urea formaldehyde resins
AntistatsPhosphate esters and quats
Foam ControlSiloxane, minieral oil, and polymerics
Flame RetardantsDurable flame retardants for all synthetic and natural fibers
Binders and Hand BuildersAcrylics and polyurethane dispersions
Anti-SlipWaxes, polyethylenes, and siloxanes
Soil ReleaseFluorocarbons, and siloxanes
Specialty ProductsEthylene urea and odor control additives
Product Offerings
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StarChem ProductPhysical Appearance%ActivityViscosityIonicitypHApplication Description
StarTex™ MGPClay dispersion28-29%2500-4000nonionic7-10Clay Based Bleaching Agent
StarTex™ WMClear liquid45.6-46.3%250 cps maxnonionic/anionic6.2-7.7(5%)Peroxide Bleaching Detergent
StarSturf™ WFF-01Clear liquid99-100%250-500 cpsnoinonic6.0-7.0(10%)Low Foaming Wetting Agent
StarSurf™ Da ConcClear amber liquid49.0-51%< 200 cpsanionic6.0-8.0(5%)Scouring and Wetting Agent
StarChem ProductPhysical Appearance%ActivityViscosityIonicitypHApplication Description
StarSurf™ 680Clear light, yellow liquid21-22%<100 cpsnonionic6.25-7.25Non-rewtting finishing aid
StarTex™ PHClear liquid18-20%<100 cpsanionic4.4-4.9Antistat fpr synthetic fibers
StarTex™ Resin BLF-CClear liquid37-38%<50 cpscationic3.9-4.3Precatalyzed buffered finishing resin
StarPel™ L-44White liquid28.5-29.5%<100 cpscationic3.0-5.0Acrylic based water repellent
StarPel™ FC 2566Off-white emulsion23.0-25.0%<100 cpsweakly cationic3.0-7.0C6 based fluorochemical soil release product that improves the resistance of fabrics to everyday soils
StarPel™ FC 2566Off-white emulsion29.1-31.0%<250 cosweakly cationic2.0-5.0C6 fluoroakyl copolymer the STARPEL FC 2655 is an eco-friendly, durable oil and water repellent for polyester, cotton nylon fabrics and nonwovens
StarPel™ 366-01Off-white liquid25.75-28.75%<250 cpsnonionic3.5-4.5Durable silicone water repellent having a high silicone oil content.It provides durable water repellency to all fibers and
StarTex™ BinderP29.0-31.0%<500 cpsN/A5.5-6.5Dispersion of a high molecular weight linear polyester resin for use as a sizing agent or hand builder in fiber and textile processing
StarTex™ Binder VAMilky-white liquid54.0-56.0%500-1500 cpsnonionic4.0-6.0Vinly acetate finishing agent
StarPel™ 330ROff-white emulsion24.5-25.5%<200 cpsnonionic2.5-3.5Non-fluorocarbon water repellent&Fluorocarbon extender
StarPel™391Off-white emulsion24.5-25.5%<200cpscationic5.7-6.7Reactive wax based flurocarbon extender
StarTex™ FR PE ConcClear to hazy liquid32.5-34.5%<100cpsanionic5.75-7.75Flame retardant for polyester fabrics
StarTex™ FR 908Clear to hazy liquid33.0-37.0%<300cpsanionic6.5-8.5Stable flame retardant polymer that is specifically designed for use on all polyemide-containing fabrics
StarTex™FR STSClear liquid39.0-43.0%<100cpsN/A5.0-7.0Non-durabe flame retardamt for blended fabrics
StarTex™ FRWRBClear to hazy liquid47.7-48.7%<100cpsN/A5.5-6.5Flame retardant for water repellent cellulosics
StarLube™ HD 35Translucent tan liquid35.0-36.5%<300cpsnonionic8.0-10.0High density polyethylene softener&lubricant
StarLube™ 5442Opalescent tan liquid31.0-33.0%<500 cpscationic9.0-10.0Polypropylene emulsion lubricant
StarSoft™ HCAOff-white emulsion19.0-21.0%500-1500 cpscationic3.5-4.5(%5)Cationic softening agent
StarSoft™ UKSOff-white to yellow flakes98.5-99.5%solidcationic3.0-5.0(%1)Concentrated cationic softening agent
StarChem® USVClear pale yellow liquid26.5%-30.5%<150cpsnonionic4.0-5.5Hydrophilic polyurethane finishing agent
StarSoft™ TS-T3Clear to pale yellow29.0-31.0%<300cpsnonionic3.5-5.5Hydrophilic silicone softer with excellent hand
StarSoft™ WAM Conc.Clear to pale yellow65.0-70.0%<500cpsslightly cationic4.0-6.0Low yellowing amino siklicone softener
StarChem ProductPhysical Appearance%ActivityViscosityIonicitypHApplication Description
StarTex™ Fix NOZLight amber liquid10.0-12.0%<100 cpscationic4.0-6.0Reactive and direct dye fixative for cellulosic fibers
StarTex™ Fix NBSDark brown powder99.0-99.5%Solidanionic7.5-8.5(%1)Workhorse concentrated Nylon fixative
StarTex™ Fix 100 ConcSlightly yellow liquid45.0-46.0%<1500 cpsnonionic8.0-9.0Concentrated cationic dyeing fixative
StarTex™ ACFOff-white dispersion14.5-15.5%<300 cpsnonionic3.5-6.5Hydropillic soil release agent for polyester
StarTex­™ DS-12Dark brown liquid32.0-33.0%<200 cpsanionic5.5-6.5Anionic dispersant/leveling agent for acid and direct dyes
StarTex™ Lev WWBLight amber liquid40.0-41.0%<200 cpscationic5.0-7.5Versatile levelling agent for acid and direct dyes
StarTex™ Lev LPYellow to amber liquid52.0-56.0%<500 cpsanionic3.0-5.0(10%)leveling and dispersing agent for polyester dyeing
StarTex™ Lev NYL-01Amber dear to hazy liquid48.0-52.0%<500 cpsnonionic8.0-9.5(%5)Leveling and compatibilizer for acid dyes
StarTex™ NC-01Clear liquid74.6-76.2 Rl<500 cpsnonionic7.0-9.0(%5)Leveling and dyeing assistant for polyester and Nylon
StarTex™ RFH-01Clear liquid28.4-30.4%<100 cpsanionic11.0-13.0Polester after clearing agent
StarTex™ OB BA LiqClear yellow liquid15-16%<100 cpsanionic10.-11.0Cotton Optical Brightener(OBA)
StarTex™ OB BSUOff-white dispersionN/A<300 cpsnonionic7.5-8.5Fluorescent whitening agent solution developed with low affinity for cellulosic fibers and blends with synthetics fiber
StarTex™ OB EBL ConcOff-white dispersionN/A<300 cpsnonionic4.0-8.0Polyester Optical Brightening Agent(OBA)
StarTex™ OB CLE LiqClear yellow liquidN/A<100 cpsanionic4.0-6.0Nylon Chlorine Fast OBA
StarLube™ 64Off-white emulsion21.5-22.5%250 cpsnonionic6.5-7.5(%5)Dyeing lubricant
StarChem ProductPhysical Appearance%ActivityViscosityIonicitypHApplication Description
StarTex™ FNOpaque white liquidN/A12,000 cpsanionic8.0-9.0(2.75%)Synthetic pigment print thickener
StarSoft™ GAWhite emulsion35.85-37.85%<300 cpsnonionic6.75-7.75Silicone based pigment print softener
StarTex™ Binder KB-8-01Milky white liquid39.5-40.5%<1500 cpsnonionic5.0-7.0Self-crosslinking pigment print binder